How to Identify a Hidden Water Leak

Water Leak Detection

Some leaks are easy to find. The evidence is usually obvious when the faucet or the kitchen sink leaks. Unfortunately, leaks don’t always happen above the surface or in plain sight. Sometimes they occur below ground, underneath the home’s foundation slab, behind a wall, or in the yard. These kinds of leaks do have evidence, but it’s not quite so blatant.  Professional leak detection involves specialized professional equipment, but even amateurs can find the warning signs or confirm a leak if they know where to look.

Signs That Point to a Leak

leakUsually, a decrease in water pressure is an early indicator of a leak because water may be leaking out of the hidden or underground piping, causing a drop in pressure. A few of the other signs of leakage or breaks in the plumbing include:

  • Puddles of Water: If there are puddles or wet areas in the yard when there has been no rain, the water may have come up from below due to a leak. 
  • Sound of Running Water:  Sometimes, hidden leaks give themselves away through sound. This is a clear clue if nothing using water is on, but a person can hear water running.
  • High Water Bill:  When a home’s water bill skyrockets without a clear explanation or extra water use, an underground or hidden leak is likely to blame.

Use the Water Meter 

Watching the water meter can help homeowners detect a leak in their pipes. When the shut-off valve is closed, all water should stop flowing through a home's piping system, but if a homeowner notices that the water meter still has activity (i.e., it's spinning or ticking), there is likely a leak somewhere in one of their pipes. 

In this case, homeowners must contact a professional plumber to locate and repair the leak. Regularly monitoring their water meter can help homeowners stay on top of any potential leaks or other water-related issues that could lead to higher water bills and wasted water.

Professional Leak Detection Services

proProfessionals can use various state-of-the-art tools and techniques to locate water leaks. These include acoustic listening devices, infrared cameras, and moisture meters. Acoustic leak detectors detect leaks through the sound of running water beneath the surface. Infrared cameras can detect the warmth of moisture and running water compared to the surrounding environment. Moisture meters measure the moisture level in or on a surface, which can also indicate a leak. 

Professionals use this equipment and techniques to locate where leaks are coming from as accurately as possible. Once a leak is identified, professionals can then assess what repairs are needed to resolve the issue. Professional water leak detection and repair services can save homeowners time and money by preventing further damage and high water bills due to undetected leaks.

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