Say Goodbye To Low Shower Pressure!

Why Is the Water Pressure Low?

Shower plumbing is a precise type of plumbing that takes a lot of time to understand. Shower pipes and plumbing are usually connected to the entire bathroom, including the bathtub and sink.

Homeowners may suddenly notice that the water pressure is low in their shower. As annoying as it is to have reduced pressure, it could be a simple fix. Homeowners should call a bathroom plumbing specialist to check it out.

It's Time to Look at Bathroom Plumbing

As stated previously, bathroom plumbing fixtures and pipes are all connected. Essentially, if there is a problem with one pipe, it can cause an issue with the others. If the water pressure is low in a home, it is usually because something in the pipes is blocking the water from freely flowing.

Experts recommend calling local plumbing technicians to check bathroom plumbing and pipes. However, it is possible to do this without the help of a plumber, but there are no guarantees or insurance if something goes wrong.

The first place a homeowner should look is the pipes underneath the sink. These pipes may have a crack in them, a dent, or a backup of waste and water.

A Leaking Water Lineleak

Surprisingly, hidden leaks are common and can cause a disturbance in water pressure in the showerhead. This is because leaks allow water to spread elsewhere instead of in the showerhead or bathtub as it should.

Homeowners who notice pools of water near the tub, sink, or toilet should report it. If there is a crack or dent on a pipe, it can cause water to flow out, leading to less water in the showerhead.

Not only is this annoying when it is time to shower, but it can increase the water bill as wasted water flows on the floor continuously. 





Clogged Up Showerhead

Some locations around the world have naturally hard water. This type of water typically has various minerals and deposits that can lower the shower pressure as the minerals build up. It is especially common to see water pressure lower because of a calcium buildup on the showerhead.

While hard water is normal, homeowners can purchase a water softener and add it to their showerhead as an attachment. It softens and purifies the water, taking care of the minerals and deposits before going through the showerhead.

Sometimes, when the hard water has been hitting the showerhead for too long, it clogs the drainage holes of the showerhead, causing further issues. It is best to replace the showerhead if this is a frequent problem. While it is possible to clean it, it takes time, and homeowners will need to take the showerhead apart.

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