Why are Sump Pumps Beneficial For Homeowners?

Be on the Lookout for Sump Pumps as Great Gifts!

In areas that receive a lot of flooding from rain and snow, it is important that homeowners install a Sump Pump! These devices are a great addition to any home with a basement or lower level, as they can help protect the homeowner from serious and costly damage. Scheduling a sump pump installation is easy- homeowners just need to call a trusted plumbing company and ask about their sump pump services.

What Is a Sump Pump, and What Does it Do?

Sump pumps are unique devices. Not all homes need one, as only some locations are prone to flooding. However, homeowners that live in a flood zone should look into sump pump services. Sump pumps are plumbing pumps placed in a sump pit on the lowest level of a home. Sump pits are round holes in the ground that collect water.

As water floods and rises, the sensors of the sump pump machine notice and automatically will flush out the system with a strong motor. The water is pushed to a reservoir far away from home.

The purpose of a sump pump is to prevent flooding in zones that are prone to floods. This is especially used as the seasons are warm and snow begins to melt. Without anywhere to go, the snow melts into the water and rises.

What Are the Different Kinds of Pumps?

different types of sump pumpsThere are two main types of sump pumps. While they are different, they have the same purpose and function; to prevent floods and push away rising water in the sump pit.

The first sump pump is referred to as the submersible pump. This pump is the most common and affordable. The motor and entire machine are submerged into the sump pit. It does its job effectively but also breaks down quicker because of water damage.

The second main type of sump pump is the pedestal pump. This pump is only partially submerged. The motor is upright on the outside of the pit. This is a more expensive model, and it is larger. However, it is less likely to wear and break quickly.

Are Backup Sump Pumps Necessary?

backup sump pumpSecondary pumps may be needed just in case the primary sump pump fails. There is always a chance that a unit may break, especially if it has not been used in months. Homeowners should schedule a replacement if the primary one stops working.

The secondary or backup pump can be what saves a homeowner’s home. These are typically battery-operated, which is great when the power goes out. It offers double protection, which is necessary for a homeowner’s home as water damage can cause mold and deterioration.

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