Why Is Water Heater Maintenance Important?

Don’t Lose Hot Water This Winter 

Of all the problems homeowners will have to deal with during their homeownership, one of the worst is losing hot water because of a broken water heater. Surprise repairs and replacements are expensive and can stress the budget, but a loss of hot water feels like being sent back to the Stone Age. 

Most water heaters last about ten years, so a water heater will likely need to be replaced multiple times during the typical mortgage period. But water heaters that aren’t properly cared for can break down sooner and don’t last as long. Luckily, adding years to the life of a water heater and reducing the operating costs is simple. Water heater maintenance is a manufacturer-recommended service that stops the causes of premature failure and allows them to last longer. Here is a complete guide to water heater maintenance from local professionals. 

Benefits of Water Heater Maintenance 

save money When a water heater is well-maintained, it lasts longer, performs better, and uses less energy. Some advantages of scheduling annual water heater maintenance with a plumber are: 

  • Reduces the likelihood of problems
  • Extends the unit’s lifespan
  • Protects or improves energy efficiency
  • Lowers operating costs, saving homeowners money
  • Ensures adequate hot water is always available 
  • Prevents corrosion and leaks
  • Verifies safety devices to protect the home 

Steps Taken During Water Heater Maintenance 

water heater In an age where everyone considers themselves a DIYer, as soon as most people hear about water heater maintenance, they take to the internet to figure out if they can do it themselves. While it’s true that some DIYers can successfully perform the necessary tasks, most people decide to let the professionals handle it since they can do it quicker and more precisely. Some of the tasks that the professionals will do during a water heater maintenance visit are: 

  • Drain and flush the tank to remove solids and sediment
  • Check safety devices for proper operation
  • Look for leaks or signs of corrosion
  • Inspect the anode rod and replace it if it’s time
  • Clean the burner 

It’s important to note that even tankless water heaters need maintenance, not only traditional storage water heaters. 

When Is Water Heater Repair Necessary? 

Hot water heaters don’t last too long, especially when they are neglected, but one of the things that causes them to age prematurely is ignoring problems. Water heater repairs are necessary to keep the whole system running smoothly, so it is crucial homeowners know the signs that repairs are needed. Some symptoms that can prompt homeowners to call for professional water heater repairs are: 

  • Unusual sounds like thumping or hissing
  • Leaks around the tank or nearby plumbing
  • Corrosion
  • Leaking safety devices
  • Not enough hot water
  • Slow recovery period
  • Higher utility bills 

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