Gas Line Repair in Somerset & Swansea

Attempting gas line repair or gas appliance installation yourself can have deadly consequences if you’re not careful. Quahog Plumbing has over 15 years of experience installing and repairing gas lines, so you can trust us to do the job safely.

It’s admirable to fix things around the house yourself, but it’s sometimes safer to let a professional do it, especially when it involves gas line repair or installation.

Making mistakes in repairing or installing gas lines could have fatal consequences. The next time you need gas line repair or a gas appliance installation, trust the trained professionals at Quahog Plumbing.

Besides providing expert gas line repairs, we offer thorough drain cleaning services. Contact us to find out more.

Common Signs That You Need Gas Line Repair

Many Somerset households use gas appliances without incident. But, like any other part of your plumbing system, gas pipes are susceptible to damage and leaks.

Here are the most common signs of gas line problems and that it’s time to call a professional for help.

If you smell sulfur or rotten eggs in the house, it’s usually a sign that you have a gas leak. While natural gas has no odor, gas companies use a chemical that gives it a distinctive aroma to alert you of leaks. If you ever smell this odor in your home, get out as soon as possible and call a professional plumbing company for repairs.

Hissing sounds also signal leaks in your gas line. It’s not uncommon for the sound to come from a loose connection between a gas pipe and an appliance.

Appliances lose efficiency and sometimes fail when gas lines that feed them develop a leak.

Lastly, if you notice that your gas bills suddenly spike and you haven’t changed your usage, it could be a leak in the gas line that’s to blame. Keep an eye on your gas bill because even a tiny leak can send your utility bill skyrocketing.

Don’t ignore issues with your gas lines. Call us for professional gas line repair and get peace of mind knowing that highly trained experts will fix the problem.

Why Hire a Pro for Gas Appliance Hook Up

Whether you want to install a gas stove, washing machine, or barbecue, it’s always best to hire a professional to hook it up, and here are a few reasons why.

Considering how expensive the average gas-powered appliance is, it’s safer if you have it hooked up by a professional instead of risking damaging something trying to do it yourself.

Another thing to consider is potential damage to your home. Connecting an appliance to a gas line comes with potential dangers, especially for someone with little or no training. Hiring a professional is simply safer for everyone.

Lastly, considering the difficulty, potential dangers, and the number of things that can go wrong, you’re always better off letting a professional gas fitter install your appliances and conduct repairs.

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Why Call Quahog Plumbing?

Somerset homeowners have many choices for plumbing repairs and installations; however, not all residential plumbing contractors are created equal. Every plumbing company brings something different to the table, and here’s what you get when working with us.

  • 24/7 emergency repair service
  • Prompt and professional workers
  • Flat-rate pricing
  • Over 15 years of experience

Quahog Plumbing is your go-to plumber in Somerset whether you need residential or commercial plumbing. Contact us at 401-307-5451.